Lovely Lemon Tea

I fancied a cleanse the other day; I was having the kind of day where water wasn’t quite hitting the spot in the quenching stakes, so I decided to make myself a mug of lemon tea.

A slice of lemon, the tiniest pinch of rock salt, topped off with water just boiled in the kettle. And some kind of drinking vessel, conventionally, I opted for a mug. You can cup your hands and hold it all in there if you please, but don’t actually do this, though, it is terribly messy. Between the potential burns and the spillage, it would be a step too far in composing a relaxing moment.

I usually let the tea steep for a few minutes to let the lemon infuse the hot water, but primarily to allow it to cool enough so I don’t scald my mouth. As in the hypothetical situation above, this would severely impede the enjoyment of it. Once brewed to your liking, this modest drink is chock-full of good things for the body.

The warmth of it alone is enough to feel replenishing; I felt immediately uplifted and receptive to the calm washing over me as I sipped at it, cosy in my sanctuary of blanket and sofa on a chilly March afternoon. The scent, refreshing and inviting, envelops you and makes you feel light, as if your troubles are being drawn out of you, floating away on a lemony mist. Fresh lemon enjoyed in a tea like this is also a wonderful way to enliven your digestive system; if you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish after illness or have indulged in one too many heavy things over a short period, a mug of this will surely work to harmonise you with your natural flow again. The punch of vitamin c delivered by this vivacious fruit can’t hurt either, especially if you have been unwell.

Of course, it is all about what personally works for you and your body, but I have found this particular tea to be very rebalancing and restoring for me. From experiences of having drank it on an empty stomach as the first thing I’ve had in the day, I have found it a remarkable way to wake up your appetite, but it is great to have at any time of day as it is delcious and intensely hydrating. It does make the urge to pee very sudden within half an hour or so of drinking, so make sure you find yourself near a place where you’ll be able to accommodate this when the need arises!!

Fill your body with sunshine. Lemon tea, the magic brew; try it and see how it works for you.


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