An Open Letter To The Electric Cinema, Birmingham- An Update

At the start of May, I wrote a post regarding an email I had sent to The Electric Cinema in Birmingham towards the end of the previous month. I will post a link to the original article in here for context, however, after receiving no reply to the initial email a few weeks after it had been sent, I decided to write the aforementioned post and share it via my Facebook profile in hope that a wider knowledge of its existence would lead to a response, the one that I had been expecting right from the start. Having been made aware that the owner of The Electric Cinema, Tom Lawes, had read the post as it was sent by a mutual friend directly to his inbox, as anxious as I was at the apparent escalation of an essentially straightforward matter, I felt satisfied that I would soon receive a reply from somebody at The Electric as it had been publically seen and, I assume, passed down the ranks in the cinema itself.

That was at the start of May. Readings of the article went up and the post was even shared a number of times on Facebook outside of my initial one, so it was evident that the content was getting around, albeit anonymously to me, but the reply remained evermore elusive. The month passed and I proceeded no further with the situation; all the while, I was aware that the post was still being read and, in my mind, I hoped that the increasingly drawn-out silence from The Electric meant that somebody was formulating a very well-addressed, thought-out response to my initial email, finally putting a simple end to this unproportionally ridiculous situation that could have been avoided with a response in the first place. However, there is no such consideration or courtesy to be derived from those associated with The Electric as, at the start of June, I shared the article I had written to the cinema’s Facebook page, only to find that it had been removed just over twenty-four hours after it was posted with, you guessed it, no reply, even as I sit here writing this in the penultimate day of June.

The bizarre behaviour demonstrated by those at The Electric Cinema not only indicates the very tangible presence of the self-inflicted, ‘cool kids only’ sense of importance that I alluded to in my email, but it is, more significantly, wholly substantiating of each individual concern that I expressed in my initial correspondence, giving colossal confirmation to the negligent attitudes that I hoped were just misleading perceptions and miscommunications.

I love our city and the myriad of things that make it so culturally rich and unique, however, this whole farce of a situation with The Electric is just one example in one city of the World of the apathy that turns people off from things they once loved and destroys otherwise positive relationships between human beings, all because a number of people consider themselves superior in wealth, status and reputation to others, without who they would not have an organisation to run. It is absurdly ironic that a group of people concerned with the field of visuality evidently have no idea about the image they are portraying and how to cohesively represent themselves- I will not be going back there.

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