The Turn Of A Season And What It Means To Me

Today is the 2015 Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing to us the equal length of night and day and the advent of a glorious season once again. For me, Autumn has always been a very significant time of year, initiating the personal rebirth I seem to feel and experience every year at this time, for reasons spiritual rather than rational.

I was born in November, during the Autumntime of 1989 and this fact and what it represents to me has always been closely entwined with my character and seasonal personality. I feel awoken at this time of year, as if the season and all of its mystical proceedings have stirred something deep inside of me; I feel within myself a light, the flickering of an intrinsic fire that is unique and singly rousing to me, and it is the most bewitching feeling. I feel that, as this is the time of year that I was being readied to come into the World, that my body and all of its inclinations communally know this and bestow this feeling unto me and I never feel as real and right and as remarkable to the world around me as I do in the Autumn. A cosmic child born of countless and embracing stars, all of my primal sensibilities align and harmonise within me and it is in the Autumntime that I feel, to quote a band that I love, at my most beautiful. I receive graciously the days of dawning crispness, the heady scents and allegoric spires of woodsmoke and the crackling of evening fires, nature ablaze in shades of amber and auburn, sunlight low and burning on the horizon, the sounds of crinkling, mossen leaves submitting underfoot, the filling of my house with the warm aromas of cardamom and patchouli and the splendour in the bounty of edible Autumn, to name but a few in an infinity of inspiriting sensations. I wish you all a wonderful season and mesmerising magic in all that it brings ♡.

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