Saturday Diary, 30th January.

Burning sandalwood and a glorious symphony of David Bowie and Jeff Buckley, sounds that paint my world in purple and gold glitter permeating the air like the smoke twisting through the room. Strange, still heat and lemon sunshine on an unmistakeably Spring-like day, were it not for the fact of it being January and the… Continue reading Saturday Diary, 30th January.

Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Button Cookies

It is not often that I roll over enraptured about something I have made, even if it tastes incredibly good and is received well by those who share it, but in this instance, I must make an exception. Made using a recipe I have tried and changed numerous times to suit my tastes and, now… Continue reading Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Button Cookies

Technology And Its Effect On Our Human Qualities

My expression of this topic originally emerged though an entirely unrelated post, one that I began writing a few weeks ago, prior to the new year. In readiness for 2016, I had put some hours aside to reorganise files on my laptop, to engage in the act of decluttering as a way of stimulating a… Continue reading Technology And Its Effect On Our Human Qualities