A Harmonious Heart In Celestial Celebration

To gaze up at the night sky and behold the constellation Orion, as clear against an inky canvas as the most defined thing you ever did see and, then, to remark Jupiter, silent and glinting, beside the blinding, dazzling February Full Moon- the icy, silver, yet snowless Snow Moon- is truly the definition of spectacular.… Continue reading A Harmonious Heart In Celestial Celebration

The Body Hair Issue: Conflict And Judgement In Physical Appearance

Hair! Hair! Everywhere!!! We all have it, regardless of gender or sexual orientation or the multitudinous ways in which we choose to categorise each other as humans. Unless, of course, there is a medical reason behind why you don't have it, the majority of human beings will have lived and died with its imminent growth… Continue reading The Body Hair Issue: Conflict And Judgement In Physical Appearance

A Thought To Live By

I am not one to follow nor incessantly post and share inspirational quotes- you know, the kind you find everywhere on social media these days set against some kind of rousing backdrop, usually a sunset or other unspecified nature scene- there are few that truly resonate with me or my experiences in life so far… Continue reading A Thought To Live By