A Thought To Live By

I am not one to follow nor incessantly post and share inspirational quotes- you know, the kind you find everywhere on social media these days set against some kind of rousing backdrop, usually a sunset or other unspecified nature scene- there are few that truly resonate with me or my experiences in life so far as they are so unwittingly superficial and generic in the guise of something relatable and penetrating, in their purpose of appealing to a mass audience. However, I very recently came across one that not only alludes to a type occurrence that has been the cause of such undeniable pain in my life so far, the volume and repetition of it being the reason for my now violent intolerance to it, but, for me, it very succinctly summarises my exact and immutable thoughts and reaction to the situation. This quotation, from an anonymous source, of course (and which, let’s face it, could have been said by any number of people in the history of planet Earth), is “The best apology is changed behaviour”. Take from it what you will.

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