Post-Referendum Thoughts- Intolerant Of Intolerance

To those who are 'tired' of hearing about the EU referendum: I agree that the news and social media have been saturated with it, both before and since June 23rd, but it is rather an important issue. I have seen expressions from people on social media who have prefaced their intentionally dismissive posts by agreeing… Continue reading Post-Referendum Thoughts- Intolerant Of Intolerance

Stronger Together.

Photo credit: Jonathan Charles Graney. Artist link and contact: I think this is an incredibly emotive, moving piece of art, a beautiful visualisation of an ugly actuality. I share this for all those who voted 'Remain', for the narrow *-minded* majority who allowed Brexit to happen are not representitive of us and I will… Continue reading Stronger Together.


I refrained from adding 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson to the end.

My Word On June 23rd.

Regarding next week's referendum: I haven't been as vocal or engaged in many discussions about it on social media as there have been more immediately personal and pressing situations lately to which I have dedicated my mind and time, however, I do have this one thing to say- everybody who is able to MUST vote.… Continue reading My Word On June 23rd.

Composed Upon A Porch, 5:14pm.

The way a storm transforms the environment is magnificent. The sense of heaviness that builds, the air enclosed and leaden with its impending arrival. Then, as if from nowhere, the sky opens and unleashes onto all below, drenching earth and everything upon it in its clean liquid soul. All manner of matter is saturated. Colours… Continue reading Composed Upon A Porch, 5:14pm.