Composed Upon A Porch, 5:14pm.

The way a storm transforms the environment is magnificent.

The sense of heaviness that builds, the air enclosed and leaden with its impending arrival.

Then, as if from nowhere, the sky opens and unleashes onto all below, drenching earth and everything upon it in its clean liquid soul.

All manner of matter is saturated.

Colours become more vivid, impenetrably rich and luxuriously dark, blown-out momentarily by a flash of cosmic illumination, as if captured in a candid photograph.

The scene is inspirited by a sonic jolt, the intoxicating symphony of audacious cracks of thunder and the path of water descending from above, the music of nature in all its glory.

And the scent, oh, the scent of this imperial phenomenon: the most green and organic you ever did smell, rushing through your nose and filling up your body.
I wish I could bottle this incomparable aroma, a life-giving, verdant perfume.

I am revived. My senses are stormed in every way.

(Wednesday 8th June, 2016).

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