My Word On June 23rd.

Regarding next week’s referendum: I haven’t been as vocal or engaged in many discussions about it on social media as there have been more immediately personal and pressing situations lately to which I have dedicated my mind and time, however, I do have this one thing to say- everybody who is able to MUST vote. It is not an argument of how involved you are with politics or political discussion on any other day, nor is it something that you can or will be able to brush off as it ‘won’t personally affect you’ if you decide not to vote- the outcome WILL affect all those in the UK and determine the futures of the countries in it and the present and future generations of those places. Whatever your opinion is, you must put it forward using the opportunity and platform we will all be given, as you will not be able to affect or change anything if you do not.

I was unbelievably pissed off at those who did not vote during the previous general election, some friends of mine (the term used loosely in some instances), who chose deliberately to take a backseat and, often, boasted about doing so, but then dared to voice opinions of dismay and disgruntlement about decisions made following the outcome. You may argue that these people, the ones making these decisions, will do so in spite of our abundance or lack of input, however, if you care enough about certain issues to be vocal about them in the aftermath, why not pull this forward and use it to influence the decision at the time, on the day we will all be given the platform to do so? It may not be the best way, but, unless you have the immediate power to overthrow the government or realise your influence in some other way, this will be the only way to have your say. There is no fruition through apathy, you cannot anticipate any kind of result if you don’t contribute anything from your end. IN OR OUT, PLEASE VOTE, lest you give the result you don’t want the chance to happen through the absence of your opinion.

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