Stronger Together.


Photo credit: Jonathan Charles Graney.
Artist link and contact:

I think this is an incredibly emotive, moving piece of art, a beautiful visualisation of an ugly actuality. I share this for all those who voted ‘Remain’, for the narrow *-minded* majority who allowed Brexit to happen are not representitive of us and I will not stand for being defined by the outcome of their decision. Even though we may all not have met and have been apparently outnumbered by bigotry and impertinence, we are unified by our vote as it is demonstrative of values and dignity in the face of fear and separation. In the wake of a decision set to divide, by not allowing this outcome to shake our morals and turn us into creatures of bitterness and resentment, even towards those who voted out and we will encounter them and, even though the views of those who voted ‘Leave’ have started the process to withdraw our membership from the EU, we can ensure that we do not allow those mentalities to win by vehemently opposing attempts to fracture amongst ourselves. I stand with Europe and I stand with all of those who voted ‘Remain’, for we are still stronger together and we must remember that and bind it within our hearts.

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