Thoughts On The Day Of The Harvest Moon.

10:46 – Autumn this year is creeping in as somewhat of an extension of the Summer- not dramatic in its arrival, but recognisable in the way that only Autumn can be. As I sit here musing over my unwittingly transitional brunch plate of avocado, dappled with a yoghurt and mint dressing, some rounds of beetroot, small sanguine jewels, a seasoned boiled egg and the leftovers of last night’s homemade lemon and ginger chips, the ingredients present both reflecting and marking the subdued turn in season, my gaze is graced through the window with the view of the full and majestic tree in the garden, the one whose bare branches convene to resemble a brain and, whose leaves are now appearing crisp and more frail, their mass withering, like parched grass over-exposed to the Sun. Their pigment change is muted, gradually surrendering to their chameleon identity as the vivid, lustruous green falls away from them with the season. A warm parting embrace from Summer creates a flurry, nature’s delicate confetti drifting into my eyeline. Tonight, at the peak of the Harvest Moon, she will be bathed in orange light as the lunar eclipse colours her face- I will be lighting my ‘Amber Moon’ candle to celebrate and honour this occasion, the air becoming perfumed softly with sandalwood and patchouli while I step out to revel in this synergy and divine illumination.🌙 

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