Reconnecting: A Diary.

I haven’t blogged in over a month. As much as I hate using certain incarnations of that word, namely as a verb, an adjective or a noun, reasons for which involve the very digital, online-World-terminology nature of it making me squirm, not to mention the seemingly standardised, shared personality evoked of those who refer to themselves as “bloggers”, it ties together the various elements of my page that comprise what is my blog, a diversion to having to present and list them individually. My previous post was photographic, but I haven’t published anything written in a while. I have actually written a number of things, either on paper or in various electronic forms, but, as many writers or creaters of anything may recognise, a lot of material committed to paper or elsewhere often does not get used, not because it is unimportant or unworthy in the eyes of the deviser, but as it does not feel right to release for public access. Often, things that are expressed on a range of media are done so as a way of decluttering, mentally and emotionally, to elucidate the path for things you may want to share.

Throughout September, I built up quite a collection of posts, musings about the weather, woven into observational poetry in the manner distinctive of me, though all unpublished due to their state of incompletion. As I have not, in recent times, shared anything of my writing, in the spirit of reconnecting with the online written word and you, the cherished few who do read and take something from my work, here are those posts, fragments of entire sensations, together creating some picture of a whole.

Fantastic September Night 

A proud, iridescent demi-lune, cloaked in twisting charcoal clouds, cars emblazoned in evening dew, the feint perfume of a log fire drifting into my surrounding, the

Pre-Autumn (Pondering/Rumination) 

I used to mark the coming of Autumn, the definitive point of transition into this divine season, by the sound of geese flying overhead, making their path and presence known in their gloriously distinct and vocal way. This might sound a very (archaic), almanac-influenced 

September Sultry 

Midday on the fifteenth of September is a feverishly warm sensation. This surge in late-Summer temperature has inspired the kind of humidity one feels only when unwell, 


22/09/2016, 12:42

Today’s transitional leaves are defined by a pristine sky of warm, oceanic blue, succumbing later on to silver-grey clouds, dazzled by their pearlescent halos. I feel quite glum today, if I am honest, although I am comforted by the vivifying warmth of the late-September sunshine, lifted, softly, for an instant as if it knows of my mood; I am grateful for this. The Sun is peeking in and out of its own accord and the clouds and sky synthesise in a most harmonious manner, considerate of one another’s attendance and neither overpowering the other’s hue. I awoke with the Sun to pale-grey clouds blanketing the sky, as There is quiet in the air on the day of this year’s Autumnal equinox. 

Early-Autumn Evening Horizon 


The sensation of Summer dwindling, the air, swirled, with the late-September warmth meeting the breath of a light, flirtatious autumnal breeze. Pillowed blue-grey clouds, against the remnants of the day’s blue sky, drift softly, but with knowing/intent of their destination, towards the night, retiring to their 

4 thoughts on “Reconnecting: A Diary.”

    1. Thank you for your comment. How do you think I should honour it? I thought I did- the snippets of writing comprise a journal-style timeline of the month, but the introduction to preface them I also intended as a diary-type piece in itself.

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      1. I did indeed. I don’t devalue anything I write and don’t really work to the structure of anything other than what I feel at the time- it’s all relevant to me, regardless of genre or how it may be categorised and, that goes for how I receive the writings of others too. Your name sounded very familiar to me, fantastic credentials!!

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