Composed Upon A City Bus, 18:00-18:09. 

Tonight is the first time this Autumn that I have ventured out by myself after it has got dark. It is exactly six o’clock on Saturday the 19th of November 2016 and I am currently on the bus, a green twenty-two, on the way into town to meet baby. We have stalled, momentarily, at the roundabout at Five Ways, I can see No.1 Hagley Road to my left.

As I left the house, locking up the sturdy, wooden front door, I turned my head to the evening and felt good, embracing the cold on my face and the tiny, iced droplets of rain on my clothes as I clip-clopped up Serpentine Road. My shoes make a wonderful, hollow sound and, as it is dark and everyone seems to be tucked away indoors, it seems all the more atmospheric as it echoes down the street. The air is perfumed with the remnants of an afternoon log fire, dwindling into the evening and dispersing around our area. I am very proud of myself today and feel very chic and put-together and I don’t feel anxious at all. 

The town is aglow with Christmas lights and I feel like a character in ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’, clad in boots, long coat and a waving blanket scarf. 

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