Monday 20th March, 2017, 17:23. Ostara

The gold-tipped early-evening light of Spring's first day catches in the red foil of the balloon that sways by the open window, projecting strings of strawberry strobe into the apartment. These wisps of raspberry smoke cast their candied dance onto the walls and ceiling- twisting, whirling, dwindling, striking- shaping satin patterns of pink neon in… Continue reading Monday 20th March, 2017, 17:23. Ostara

: I Am Water

When I cast my gaze down towards the growth marks on my legs, pearlescent cracks in my dust-rose-toned skin, I see satellite images of landscapes shaped by vast waterways, ambling on the tops of my thighs.  Pictures of parched and contoured earth sculpted by rivers, skeletal carvings of tributaries Are reflected in my body, the… Continue reading : I Am Water