Format Disclaimer

I am going to begin sharing my poetry on here more frequently, however, in an initial attempt to do so, I have come across a formatting snag that, I have found, can unfortunately not be remedied- at least, not at this present point. 

I use the WordPress app to do the majority of the writing I wish to publish to my blog, which is installed on both an android-powered tablet and phone. The issue that I have involves not being able to add a line-break to text within the app post editor, as it is quite rudimentary and offers only a few essential formatting tools, in comparison to the full editor on the WordPress website. Since stumbling upon this problem, I have done a bit of research online and discovered that numerous users have been irked by it over many years, leading to the unearthing of creative ways to go around it. I appreciate that my knowledge of html coding is nowhere near as accomplished as seasoned techies, so, in the spirit of creativity, I am going to invite (and request) you to imaginatively take in the format of my poems, so as not to impede the reading or enjoyment of them. 

To circumvent the issue, I am going to write up my poems in the intended format, however, where there is supposed to be a line-break, the text will appear on a new paragraph line and, stanzas will be double paragraph-spaced to separate them. This will create a more airy format for my poems (due to wind being able to pass through the spaces between lines haha), but I hope you continue to enjoy my work- it will just require a wider-eyed approach when reading :)

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