Trois Poireaux.

Tall, lengthy, rigid, robust Core strength, standing to attention From flax-coloured furry foot to wild, but styled, salt-surfer tufts. The water drips upon your flesh And I run my hand along your extent Like a spine, Palming-off crushed grains of earth. Clad in fine pyjama-striped, feint and delicate green Bound together with close, sturdy seams… Continue reading Trois Poireaux.


(I) It wasn't until I saw a cluster of these, Flowers vivid and vicious That I understood the physiology behind the name 'Narcissus'. Beloved Daffodil, Sultan of Spring, You, as a reverent beauty, I've always known; Yet, seeing your being overrunning in place, Your true nature, to me, has shown. Like ebullient fanfare in parade… Continue reading Narcissus.

Feral Drench

I truly cannot comprehend why some choose to eat meat When the stench of my own rotting blood Month on Month Makes me wretch, All of my scent receptors retreating from my head. And this is the blood of the living Blood that gives life, Not the decay of maggotous, Pestilent flesh of an animal… Continue reading Feral Drench

Rathmines, I.

I heard your name When I came In October 2017, Resounding like an industrial mystery Through livid Dublin sky. There is something about you, a sensation like The Jewellery Quarter on a quiet day And the narrow side-ways of Wolverhampton town centre, peeking passages lined with rusty brickwork, With a hint of Bedford Falls. When… Continue reading Rathmines, I.