It wasn’t until I saw a cluster of these,
Flowers vivid and vicious
That I understood the physiology behind the name

Beloved Daffodil, Sultan of Spring,
You, as a reverent beauty, I’ve always known;
Yet, seeing your being overrunning in place,
Your true nature, to me, has shown.

Like ebullient fanfare in parade
Your presence, vociferous
Sun-steeped corona
Teasing human smile from frown
Inquisitive sweetness, nectar that shines your carny crown.

Beguiled by your striking complexion,
You lure me, like others, into glaring misdirection;
To muse upon florid head and throat
While, inside, noxious infusion swills
to choke.

It is not you, drowned by your own reflection
In pools
But we, Narcissus,
Dazzled, dazed and wandering fools.

Devious tip
Sits atop
Envious stem-
Gentle jonquilla, narcotic name like an insomniac’s remedy
Tazetta, Italian folk dance or minute Spanish mug
Paper-white papyraceus, upon leaves love-melodies to inscribe
Lyrical poeticus, petal folds like satin curtains in light, lilting zephyr-
All these names, but a part of your guise,
Still, draw up poison to
Bewilder lusting eyes.

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