“Enfin, Le Printemps.”

In a blink: I closed my eyes to a world of grey and awoke, open to scenes flecked in green, Like a latent flood, slow-soaked and rising through moss, The colour returned. Negative film cells etched with fine-line nib Pinprick viridity, stippled along wooden seams; Sun-stroked tapestry unfurling before me, The renaissance The Spring. Written… Continue reading “Enfin, Le Printemps.”

A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

"Hello, my name is Ciona and I am a writer", I say in the manner of a support group introduction. It has been a while since I have posted anything on here that isn't poetry: there are a number of pieces I want to write and share, but I am taking my time with putting… Continue reading A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

Things I Love.

A non-exhaustive, incomprehensive lifetime list of my sensory world; I will continue to add to it. Pears; Vintage 1950s and 1960s holiday cards; Vintage Moon and star images; Sparkling water; Old American satin sports jackets (baseball, football, basketball, roller derby, cheerleading etc); Velvet clothing; Felt ornaments; Iona and Duckie in 'Pretty in Pink'- their characters… Continue reading Things I Love.