Things I Love.

A non-exhaustive, incomprehensive lifetime list of my sensory world; I will continue to add to it.


Vintage 1950s and 1960s holiday cards;

Vintage Moon and star images;

Sparkling water;

Old American satin sports jackets (baseball, football, basketball, roller derby, cheerleading etc);

Velvet clothing;

Felt ornaments;

Iona and Duckie in ‘Pretty in Pink’- their characters and style;

1980s music, fashion, film, toys, gadgets, popular culture, everything;

‘Nantucket Cranberry’ Village Candle;

Satya ‘Patchouli Forest’ incense;

Incense and scented candles;

The scent of green cardamom pods;

The aroma of wetness on vegetation after rainfall (‘petrichor’, apparently);

The look of concrete, paving and cobblestones after rainfall;

The sounds and sight of rainfall;


The sound of wind and the feeling of it on the skin;

The colour and scent of fresh, punchy, vibrant lemons;

The ever-transitional moods and colours of clouds;

The soft tone of creamy avocado fruit and the contrast between the dark green of the bumpy, prehistoric outer flesh and the mellow, earthy green within;

The sound and lyrics of Motown and 1960’s girl groups like The Shangri-Las;

The sound of synthesizers;

The scent of fresh cut grass on a hot Summer day;

The scent of cut grass after rainfall;

Aeroplanes and anything aviation-related;

Abandoned, empty factories and conversions of factory buildings into coffee shops and living spaces- places where you can spend time, unhurried;

Heavy machinery and factory processes;

Extreme weather- strong winds, heavy rain, crackling, rumbling thunder;

Givenchy’s ‘Ange ou Démon’, my favourite perfume (since 2005?);

Rooibos, peppermint and Lady Grey tea;

Shades of purple, blue and green;

The blazing, burning colours of Autumn;

The scent of woodsmoke in cold air;

Trees, everything about them;

Redwoods and Giant Sequoias, my favourite trees;

Chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and Gerber daisies;

Hand-painted ceramics- mugs, plates and bowls;

Washing my hands in my own home after a long day out, it’s a wonderful feeling;

Briny, vinegary hot sauces;

Original and green jalapeňo tabasco;

Apples and pears cooked into desserts like cakes and pies;

1950’s and 1960’s lounge music;

Essential oils;

Hot chocolate with a splash of Cointreau in it;

Eye-rolling, tongue-shrivellingly sour whiskey cocktails;

Well-made, bursting with flavour wood-fired pizza;

Green and blue stained-glass tastefully applied in windows;

Blue glass bottles and crockery;

When you’re watching a programme or movie and the time on a clock within matches the real time outside (regardless of day or night matching);

Cooking programmes/shows;



Mouth-watering shades of pink and orange;

Colours that make you thirsty;

Mint-green hues and pastel shades;

Birdsong throughout the day;

The Earth coming alive in Spring and the sensory explosion of Summer;

The unique scent of each season and being able to sense them changing through the aromatic shifts in the air;

Seasonal dessert pies- sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan;

Nature, in every possible way;

The fact that everything created by man has the perfect design of nature as its blueprint, consciously or unconsciously;


The flavour and fragrance of coriander and its delicate stems;

Enamel pins;

Emily the Strange;

Chocolate ice-cream;


Sunlight in every season;


Wooden pallets; the endlessness of things you can make with them and ways in which they can be recycled and upcycled;


Glenn Gregory;

Terry Hall;

My strange to other people, natural to me crushes;

Going for a small pot of tea, a slice of a savoury thing and a muffin with my husband at Muffin Break;

Clean and quiet public restrooms;


Vladimir Tretchikoff and J.H. Lynch’s paintings;

Covered bus stops that are set back from the curb;



Level crossings;

Malted chocolate;

Jo Malone ‘Nectarine Blossom and Honey’ perfume, my more recent favourite (since 2016). One day, I will have saved enough to purchase a bottle;

Chocolate-covered raisins;

Clinique’s ‘Aromatics Elixir’ perfume. My mother wore it all the time when I was a child, the scent, to me, is wildly evocative and transporting;

Films of the British New Wave and kitchen sink realism (the originals of this genre: quiet, pensive, understated and steeped in wistful hopelessness; very real, some endearingly fallible characters, very human- not how examples of ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Coronation Street’, that initially began as kitchen sink dramas, have been inflated to outrageous, unbelievable levels of soap opera fantasy);

Mechanical pencils;

Glass milk bottles with foil tops- their existence, the sound of their clinking together as they are delivered by the milkman in the early morning and their appearance on front door steps;

By extension, milk floats;

Trevor McDonald, my all-time favourite broadcaster- I adore him. Saw him at Manchester airport when I was ten, was afraid to approach him, so I just sat and observed, shyly and in awe;

The sublime sensation of clean hands;

Fruit trees- peach, pear, lemon, lime, orange, apple: all;

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