Velvet, Amber, Autumn, Umber.

(Mon 5th Nov 18, 18:28.)

The second whiskey-laced
homemade hot chocolate in three days:
it is Bonfire Night, after all.

I imagine scaling-down to Borrower size,
the subject of rogue experimental science
and diving into my dark lilac scalloped
the intricate embellishments of birds,
botanicals and butterflies encircling the inside rim
a lullaby mobile of sound and sight above
my head
as I bathe in earth-amber and butterscotch ribboned
warm brownie lagoon.
My tongue laps and swims
wood cocoa streams,
taste buds treading velvet texture,
the season’s sweet delicacy.

To follow, more substantial layers,
sage, butternut squash and smoked
provola girasole,
Pasta shaped like sunflowers.

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