The 1st- seeing at least five people- separate from each other, within a short space of time, in various directions on our road- carrying flower bunches

Fat, gnarled croissants, like witchy winklepickers

A fat croissant with Bonne Maman strawberry jam

Rediscovering the P.U.L.S.E version of ‘Wish You Were Here’

The 2nd and 3rd- grey rainy day, grey rainy evening, rainy grey day

The uniquely indescribable scent of leftover gourmet pizza

The Chinese man, who walks up and down our road at least a couple of times a day, playing traditional Chinese instrumental music on his phone to accompany him


Saturday the 9th, a day of roots and perfection in its entirety

Sudden (at first), almost petulent, like a child fervently announcing their mood, single honks of returning geese in the morning, the croaking sound drip-fed through the sky throughout the day

The baked, salty-sweet brownie scent of bourbon biscuits

My warming, morning mug of cardamom tea

The scent of cardamom pods (green)

The aroma of cardamom, homely, lingering throughout the day

One glass, a measure of 175ml, of warm, fruity red wine

A basket of fresh veg- mixed peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, carrots. Glorious, happy, healthy, affirming colours

The best, freshest, wholesome and most flavoursome Chinese meal I’ve ever eaten- salt and chilli fried tofu, pak choi with garlic and a light savoury sauce, half, puffed, veggie spring rolls with sweet soy and sweet chilli dipping sauces, veggie curry of carrots, peppers, mushrooms, water chestnuts and fried tofu with jasmine rice- at Wok Chi in Harborne

The Hedge

Laid-back evening poetry event at Waterstones

Hearing ‘Souvenir’ while waiting in line at the cafĂ© we went to before the poetry event

The palette of pink + black

Enjoying more evenings at The Junction

The pink roses, in bloom and creeping over the garden wall

The large satin-white with a blush of pink, upright (possibly, most likely, magnolia) blossoms on the tree in next door’s garden

The fire flame-yellows of Spring, found in surprising shrubs

The return of the Winter chill

Cardamom tea made with rooibos, the scent of a lovely, moist, softly-sweet spiced pudding while on the hob

Magnolia blossoms

Honey Cheerios

Husband’s and my first time watching ‘The Godfather’ together

Finally watching ‘The Sopranos’; being aptly obsessed with it

Getting a confirmed date from Pussy Magic for the publication of my poem (April 29th)

This month, that seems to have been going on for long

Being able to buy a couple of the poetry books I wanted (on the 9th), feeling more enriched because of them

Saturday, the 30th- An eye-opening documentary about the life of Madame Tussaud, whetting my inclination for morbid curiosity

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