The 2nd- A calm, rainy morning, muted white-grey; enjoying this sensory moment snuggled under the duvet The quilted trees, strikingly contrasted against grey skies The visual tasting-plate of painted leaves and embroidered blossoms Buds blinking, turning infant leaves The 4th- True to nature, so far; April showers The delicious aroma of raw red onions, mushrooms… Continue reading April

Dismembered: Exclusion And Colourism, Being British South Asian

Last Saturday morning, the 4th May, I had an encounter that disturbed me profoundly. The previous evening, I had seen a post from a page I follow, via an Instagram story, showing details of a new, inclusive, sex and body-positive page aimed at women of South Asian heritage. I felt really excited by this news-… Continue reading Dismembered: Exclusion And Colourism, Being British South Asian