The 2nd- A calm, rainy morning, muted white-grey; enjoying this sensory moment snuggled under the duvet

The quilted trees, strikingly contrasted against grey skies

The visual tasting-plate of painted leaves and embroidered blossoms

Buds blinking, turning infant leaves

The 4th- True to nature, so far; April showers

The delicious aroma of raw red onions, mushrooms and red peppers, a perfect synergy

Neighbourhood cats having a sit and chill in our garden

My fluffy mint tree coming into being

Barely-beaded copper birches, branches entwined, swaying in the early-April wind

A generous squeeze of lemon makes everything better

The 8th- a rainy grey evening; perfect April aura

The outside ablaze in new greens

POSE- I neglected to include it in March’s list

Houses and trees outlined by flame-peach

The aroma of the year’s first cut grasses in warm air

The apple tree in next-door’s garden, alive with satin blooms of talc-white

Viscous, dripping, orange-syrup sundown orb, with pink-peach waves, blurred, radiating away

The explosion of green outside. Some trees, speckled, others more assuredly stretching their leafy limbs

Homemade chips in the oven

The faerie-height bluebells that have sprung up, appearing almost overnight, as if by magic, in M and R’s front garden

The patches of green on the copper birches, mingling with the ethereal, wheat-like wands of buds still waiting to unfurl

Husband’s and my post-work, early-evening mugs of cardamom tea, with a slice of something chocolatey

The strawberry buds on the tree outside, every day opening into delicate, circular specks of green

Sunday, the 28th- a day of perfect pace and quietness. Leisurely lunch, tea and cookies, film (Boyhood), fruity, complex, slightly dry-throat chocolate pots and gold teaspoons, minimal tech interaction, green, stillness outside, few cars on the street, lovely light outside, light blues and greys

Smallville being shown from the start on 5Star (weekdays, 5pm). 13-year-old fan girl still at large at 29

Still having a massive boner for Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luther

Smallville, cardamom tea and biscuit/chocolate cookie evening reposes with husband

BSB tickets arrived!!

The publication of Prairie Witch on Pussy Magic’s site (9am PST, 5pm here), Monday the 29th 💜

Walpurgisnacht and May eve

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