It’s Backstreet Boys month!!

The 4th- the scent of rain on verdance breathing through the window; overcast, grey, abundant green, a fresh, cool, earthy breeze

The 5th- new resolve, kindling, slow; the bitter-yellow taste of the lemon slice left saturating in my water; the intense, mouth-watering green chilli and garlic scent of the Heck green sausages

The sublime, arresting burst of electric pink and neon purple clouds at sunset, later mellowing to a palette of candyfloss texture

Watching ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches with husband

The Jetsons craft, cartoon, electric-bubble whir of the welcome milk float, post 1am

The loud, almost insistent hoots of the owls after 2am

The cream lace flower clusters on the shrub outside our window

The word ‘invocation’- its sound when spoken, and the way it makes me feel to say and think of it

Chaa and madeira cake

Our lovely, luxurious (we think so), new bedsheets

Saturday the 15th- a large, dark, sweet with a bitter edge hot chocolate, piled high with whipped cream, lunch choices featuring chunky field mushrooms, roasted garlic, cream, spinach, greens and melted cheese on good breads (rye and white sourdough) at Medicine; a stroll through town along the canals, through Brindleyplace, over bridges old and newer, queuing outside Arena Birmingham (forever the NIA to me) for Backstreet Boys, the entire venue experience: buying a tour shirt, finding our seats, seeing the pre-show screen graphics, exploring and drinking in the venue, chips with sachet salt, ketchup and vinegar, a slice of cheese and tomato pizza, finding a spot near a big window to sit and eat, looking out over the sun-dipped canals and the city, the atmosphere, the incredible, incredibe show

The sound of our new printer calibrating

Ceanothus/California lilac

The scent of hot leaves and roses from outside in the bedroom

Warm days with a salvant breeze

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