The 1st- Beltane

With and in all my senses, appreciating and knowing nature’s majesty, the essence of life

Magick is everywhere

The 8th- Bluebells and blush blossoms

A beautiful walk in the drizzle, drinking in the scents and colour around- perfect temperature too, pleasant warm and damp

Drizzle kissing skin and hair

This glorious, light grey, damp Spring day

Cool, even cold early-May days

Cinnamon foam supped through a neon pink kiss

The neater, sharper cut of my short hair

The 11th- A day in town. Lunch at Medicine- unexpectedly long, but a leisurely, carefree, worthwhile experience. For once, getting there early enough to try their luxury pastries- a trio of millionaire’s doughnut, a passionfruit + cream cronut, and a raspberry cream tart; artful veggie breakfast and Moroccan eggs, flat white and hot chocolate with a tower of whipped cream

My wonderful bargain clothes finds from town

The strawberry buds, having a looser hold on their tree, being strewn by fiesty winds across the grass and path in M + R’s front garden, some, wayward, onto our path

The palette of grey and green, all its spectrum

Dark, cool, slightly damp, overcast days- perfect weather for me

The dilute blackcurrant glow of dawn; the promise in first light

The 27th- this ambient, homely, almost Autumnal evening

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