The Music That Made Me- ‘One and One’ by Robert Miles, featuring Maria Nayler


There are people born onto this Earth who irrevocably change the landscape and texture of your life, shaping it into something more beautiful than can be conceived, than feels can be contained by the body.

The blueprint of my inner world, and its effect on my view of the world in which we live, was altered, hypnotically, when I first heard it; melody faintly drifting in and out of stereo consciousness, in, what I recall to be, a hotel seating area, where I was with my mom, uncle and aunt (her youngest siblings), in 1999 or 2000.
When I hear it, the sensation feels greater than all the pain and trauma I have encountered, yet also feels like all of those experiences have been amplified, destabilized, and transformed into something supreme and majestic, a supernova. It pulsates, radiates splendour everywhere within, surging, sparking synapses.
Everything he gave me, and crafted for the children, it carries through eternity.

“After all is said and done, one and one still is one.
When we cry, when we laugh, I am half, you are half.
Look how far we have come, one and one still is one….”

For you, Robert. x

(Written Mon 2nd Sept ’19, 19:23; edited Thurs 23rd April ’20, 15:59-16:21)

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