(I) It wasn't until I saw a cluster of these, Flowers vivid and vicious That I understood the physiology behind the name 'Narcissus'. Beloved Daffodil, Sultan of Spring, You, as a reverent beauty, I've always known; Yet, seeing your being overrunning in place, Your true nature, to me, has shown. Like ebullient fanfare in parade… Continue reading Narcissus.

Garden Apple Trees: A Tale Of Beauty And Bewilderment

The weather so far this September has been quite moderate and what I would personally expect when I consider this time of year. Mildly warm during the day and giving way to a very tangible chill at night, the dizzying haze of unseasonal heatwaves seems, at least for now, a distant memory, however, what the… Continue reading Garden Apple Trees: A Tale Of Beauty And Bewilderment