Velvet, Amber, Autumn, Umber.

(Mon 5th Nov 18, 18:28.) The second whiskey-laced homemade hot chocolate in three days: it is Bonfire Night, after all. I imagine scaling-down to Borrower size, the subject of rogue experimental science and diving into my dark lilac scalloped mug, the intricate embellishments of birds, botanicals and butterflies encircling the inside rim a lullaby mobile… Continue reading Velvet, Amber, Autumn, Umber.

Saturday, the 5th of May, 2018.

1.56pm. Saturday, the first full day of May's primary bank holiday weekend; I am dreaming of strawberry ice-cream, ruby-studded, demure spoonfuls pooling into pink As my hand warms up stainless steel, blood-heat radiating from neck to head. The European heatwave has everything coloured-in: Coal wisps rise and waft from some neighbouring barbeque Swirl through the… Continue reading Saturday, the 5th of May, 2018.

“Enfin, Le Printemps.”

In a blink: I closed my eyes to a world of grey and awoke, open to scenes flecked in green, Like a latent flood, slow-soaked and rising through moss, The colour returned. Negative film cells etched with fine-line nib Pinprick viridity, stippled along wooden seams; Sun-stroked tapestry unfurling before me, The renaissance The Spring. Written… Continue reading “Enfin, Le Printemps.”