Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.

This is also one of my earliest song memories. I was four and we (my mom, my dad, and my aunt Vinni) were driving along the motorway to the airport for my first holiday abroad, to Salou and Barcelona.I remember hearing this song in my head throughout the trip; my memories of it are beautifully… Continue reading Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.

Skin Thing.

(Rinse) Selfless, gracious living organ My skin That I have scoured, rinsed and dried to within an inch of its life. This is not only a past reminiscence But a present admission, A recitation of mental condition. The skin I wear Demonstrative of turmoil I bear My injurious emotions scraped in like cavern carvings. Shards… Continue reading Skin Thing.

: I Am Water

When I cast my gaze down towards the growth marks on my legs, pearlescent cracks in my dust-rose-toned skin, I see satellite images of landscapes shaped by vast waterways, ambling on the tops of my thighs.  Pictures of parched and contoured earth sculpted by rivers, skeletal carvings of tributaries Are reflected in my body, the… Continue reading : I Am Water

Cerulean Glass And Obsidian Skies: An Evening At Neal’s Yard Remedies, Grand Central, Birmingham

A crisp and clear October evening. Stepping out beneath a sky draped like an ink-dipped blanket across the heavens, studded with glimmers of glinting stars, with swirls of leaves in pale and molten hues all around and the dim glow and misty gaze of an amber demi-lune above. It is a Tuesday night and I… Continue reading Cerulean Glass And Obsidian Skies: An Evening At Neal’s Yard Remedies, Grand Central, Birmingham