“Enfin, Le Printemps.”

In a blink: I closed my eyes to a world of grey and awoke, open to scenes flecked in green, Like a latent flood, slow-soaked and rising through moss, The colour returned. Negative film cells etched with fine-line nib Pinprick viridity, stippled along wooden seams; Sun-stroked tapestry unfurling before me, The renaissance The Spring. Written… Continue reading “Enfin, Le Printemps.”

Trois Poireaux.

Tall, lengthy, rigid, robust Core strength, standing to attention From flax-coloured furry foot to wild, but styled, salt-surfer tufts. The water drips upon your flesh And I run my hand along your extent Like a spine, Palming-off crushed grains of earth. Clad in fine pyjama-striped, feint and delicate green Bound together with close, sturdy seams… Continue reading Trois Poireaux.


(I) It wasn't until I saw a cluster of these, Flowers vivid and vicious That I understood the physiology behind the name 'Narcissus'. Beloved Daffodil, Sultan of Spring, You, as a reverent beauty, I've always known; Yet, seeing your being overrunning in place, Your true nature, to me, has shown. Like ebullient fanfare in parade… Continue reading Narcissus.

Spring, Ruminating.

There isn't anything, sonically, that connects me more to the outside world than birdsong. Winter can be desolate and deafening in its comparative silence: it is definitely not barren. Among the stillness, if you attune your ear, you can remark the life still abound in the season- and, some, that thrives only here- beyond the… Continue reading Spring, Ruminating.

The Prize of Paying Attention

An extract from an unfinished piece, written January 2018. The darkness doesn't linger too long. The birds see it- At four-thirty, they swoon melodies of rising, At half seven, Sun begins to break through the sleep-veil; It is still light at a quarter to five. The divine gradients of chalk blue, blackcurrant and peach return,… Continue reading The Prize of Paying Attention

Earth, Awakened (I)- Día

Monday 20th March, 2017, 17:23. Ostara

The gold-tipped early-evening light of Spring's first day catches in the red foil of the balloon that sways by the open window, projecting strings of strawberry strobe into the apartment. These wisps of raspberry smoke cast their candied dance onto the walls and ceiling- twisting, whirling, dwindling, striking- shaping satin patterns of pink neon in… Continue reading Monday 20th March, 2017, 17:23. Ostara