Hello all!

Welcome to Punjabi Tea and Chocolate Cake.

My name is Ciona. I am a writer and multimedia artist from Birmingham, UK, and sole owner of this site.

I am a third-generation British Indian, of Panjabi descent: the eldest (on my mother’s side) and only (on my father’s side) granddaughter and grandchild of Indian and Pakistani-born immigrants. All four of my grandparents came to England as British citizens, from India (mother’s side), and India via Kenya (father’s side).

Identity is complex and incredibly personal. It is a subject that recurs in my work, in one form or other, and I like to explore its realms and varied manifestations, within society and within myself. I am proud of where I come from and of the elements, both harmonies and conflicts, that comprise me. I write what I feel- often, this is conveyed through lightness, words related to darker emotions, or a concoction of both.
Life is full of vastness, complexity, and nuance, and I like to honour all of its gravity and levity.

I create using a variety of expressions, to mirror the shades of life and diverse means for communicating the experience of living: here, you will find poetry, prose poetry, photographs, music, videos, articles and essays covering an array of interests, and personal thoughts about the world in which we live. I love dance, photography, music, handicrafts (watercolour painting, collage, making jewellery, weaving), creating digital graphics, and working with other artists on projects which employ a variety of media and modes of sensory communication.

I am actively pro-sex work. I believe it should be decriminalised, and that any laws and regulations should be made using the informed and immeasurably valuable lived experience of sex workers. I am also a vocal anti-racist and LGBTQIA+ ally, and wholly in favour of the abolition of the monarchy and all structures that are rooted in upholding cis-hetero-patriarchal supremacy.

Stay, take a look around.

If you would like to chat, please get in touch via the form on the Contact page.
For all work proposals, please see the information within the Work tab.
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Thanks for stopping by,

Ciona x.

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