Sparkling Twilight.

(Sunday, the 3rd of June, 2018, Somewhere between 22:00 and 22:20.) I step out onto the porch and the air, once more, wears the tantalising aroma of coriander. I suspect this perfume- herbal, citrus, reviving- stems from some foliage in the neighbours' front garden arrangement, But its root, like this spirit-dipped Summer evening breeze Swirls… Continue reading Sparkling Twilight.

Excerpt: ‘Autumn 2017- So Far, The Missing Season.’

A continuation of my previous post. I would like to share an extract from a recent piece I wrote which, although complete in its mood, doesn't feel together in the way intended, due to the current seasonal disconnect. I like this stanza- enjoy. I am caught in a strange half-season, neither Summer nor Fall: Not… Continue reading Excerpt: ‘Autumn 2017- So Far, The Missing Season.’

Earth, Awakened (I)- Día

Reconnecting: A Diary.

I haven't blogged in over a month. As much as I hate using certain incarnations of that word, namely as a verb, an adjective or a noun, reasons for which involve the very digital, online-World-terminology nature of it making me squirm, not to mention the seemingly standardised, shared personality evoked of those who refer to… Continue reading Reconnecting: A Diary.

Thoughts On The Day Of The Harvest Moon.

10:46 - Autumn this year is creeping in as somewhat of an extension of the Summer- not dramatic in its arrival, but recognisable in the way that only Autumn can be. As I sit here musing over my unwittingly transitional brunch plate of avocado, dappled with a yoghurt and mint dressing, some rounds of beetroot, small… Continue reading Thoughts On The Day Of The Harvest Moon.

Empyrean Exaltation

I cannot get over how beautiful the sky is today. Delectable gradients of quenching blues muddled with swirling, mottled whites and silvers of cloud, craning your neck to topsy-turvy worlds. Is it sky, is it sea? The Universe reflected in mirror images of Earth, vacating your physical self and bathing in brilliance, a crystal ball… Continue reading Empyrean Exaltation