Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Button Cookies

It is not often that I roll over enraptured about something I have made, even if it tastes incredibly good and is received well by those who share it, but in this instance, I must make an exception. Made using a recipe I have tried and changed numerous times to suit my tastes and, now… Continue reading Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Button Cookies

Poached Cinnamon Oranges With Coconut Soya Yoghurt And Toasted Oats

I have been really bored of breakfast foods lately, in the sense of the usual dough-based fare that frequents and graces our table. I'm not one to skip a good breakfast nor advocate dismissing this very integral part of the day, especially for as long as I have been able to make it myself, however,… Continue reading Poached Cinnamon Oranges With Coconut Soya Yoghurt And Toasted Oats

Cardamom-Infused Sweet Pear, Nectarine And Red Apple Crumble

As August draws to a close, September in view on the horizon, the gentle shift in wind and sunlight brings with it inspirations of fruit-laden desserts to elate in the plenty of nature during this in-between season. The heat of Summer sunshine injects sweetness in cascading nectars and soft, melting textures and the warmth of… Continue reading Cardamom-Infused Sweet Pear, Nectarine And Red Apple Crumble

Dark Chocolate And Coconut Avocado Mousse

Sometimes, you are in the mood for something sweet, but your husband (or significant other of any persuasion) is not around. So instead, you plump for comfort in the guise of an indulgent chocolate pudding. With that in mind, with a little invention, let me introduce you to my dark chocolate and coconut avocado mousse.… Continue reading Dark Chocolate And Coconut Avocado Mousse