Harvest Moon Honey

Duran Duran sing about a New Moon on Monday, but today's week opener involves a Full Moon. Tonight, she will be whole and aglow with harvest offerings, as today is the Harvest Moon. I've always thought the Harvest Moon to rise later than September, so I'm always surprised when she rolls around. At this time,… Continue reading Harvest Moon Honey

Velvet, Amber, Autumn, Umber.

(Mon 5th Nov 18, 18:28.) The second whiskey-laced homemade hot chocolate in three days: it is Bonfire Night, after all. I imagine scaling-down to Borrower size, the subject of rogue experimental science and diving into my dark lilac scalloped mug, the intricate embellishments of birds, botanicals and butterflies encircling the inside rim a lullaby mobile… Continue reading Velvet, Amber, Autumn, Umber.

Trois Poireaux.

Tall, lengthy, rigid, robust Core strength, standing to attention From flax-coloured furry foot to wild, but styled, salt-surfer tufts. The water drips upon your flesh And I run my hand along your extent Like a spine, Palming-off crushed grains of earth. Clad in fine pyjama-striped, feint and delicate green Bound together with close, sturdy seams… Continue reading Trois Poireaux.

Food Mag Fantasy

Sifting through the most recent issues of my favourite supermarket magazine. Drinking in glorious colours in the finest seasonal palette, page after page of wonderful, warming recipes and beautifully deep and textured imagery. A cornucopia of apples, beetroot, figs, pears and baked caramel-laden desserts celebrated in divine, earthen and regal visuality, a magnificent way to spend… Continue reading Food Mag Fantasy