Note to my Followers…

Dear friends,I want to thank you all for your support ofPunjabi Tea & Chocolate Cake over the past six (!) years.Whether you have been here since 2015, or have only just found me,I am so grateful that you are here.I will be expanding the site significantly in the coming weeks.I am so excited to share… Continue reading Note to my Followers…

Format Disclaimer

I am going to begin sharing my poetry on here more frequently, however, in an initial attempt to do so, I have come across a formatting snag that, I have found, can unfortunately not be remedied- at least, not at this present point.  I use the WordPress app to do the majority of the writing… Continue reading Format Disclaimer

Welcome To 2017

The writing hiatus that came around during the latter part of 2016 seems to have ended, I think and, I sincerely hope with the greatest part of me. It was not an intended break. I spoke in a previous post about writings in other places that were not in view of the online world; although… Continue reading Welcome To 2017

Writer’s Peeve Of The Day

Stomach-turningly saccharine writing that rips off the styles of other authors, without leaving so much as a waft of its own message or voice. Peeve number two, people who make quite a comfortable life for themselves being copycats of any kind of art.

Composed Upon A City Bus, 18:00-18:09. 

Tonight is the first time this Autumn that I have ventured out by myself after it has got dark. It is exactly six o'clock on Saturday the 19th of November 2016 and I am currently on the bus, a green twenty-two, on the way into town to meet baby. We have stalled, momentarily, at the… Continue reading Composed Upon A City Bus, 18:00-18:09. 

Reconnecting: A Diary.

I haven't blogged in over a month. As much as I hate using certain incarnations of that word, namely as a verb, an adjective or a noun, reasons for which involve the very digital, online-World-terminology nature of it making me squirm, not to mention the seemingly standardised, shared personality evoked of those who refer to… Continue reading Reconnecting: A Diary.

Cerulean Glass And Obsidian Skies: An Evening At Neal’s Yard Remedies, Grand Central, Birmingham

A crisp and clear October evening. Stepping out beneath a sky draped like an ink-dipped blanket across the heavens, studded with glimmers of glinting stars, with swirls of leaves in pale and molten hues all around and the dim glow and misty gaze of an amber demi-lune above. It is a Tuesday night and I… Continue reading Cerulean Glass And Obsidian Skies: An Evening At Neal’s Yard Remedies, Grand Central, Birmingham