Museums, My City, and An Artist’s Debt

I owe a lot to the Birmingham Community Museums. My relationship with them is a sight more personal than that of a habitual visitor: my mother worked within them for over twenty years, and so, I grew up immersed in the unique confluence between the arts, heritage and education, all tied together in her vocation.… Continue reading Museums, My City, and An Artist’s Debt

‘Modern Muse’ by Arpita Shah + GRAIN Projects

Some news I have been sitting on for quite a while....In August 2019, I and a number of other women of South Asian heritage volunteered for the photographic project 'Modern Muse', created and conceptualised by artist Arpita Shah, and overseen by GRAIN Projects. The work was intended to be shared through a multimedia gallery exhibit… Continue reading ‘Modern Muse’ by Arpita Shah + GRAIN Projects

‘Diaspora Child’- Book Birthday!!!

'Diaspora Child', my first poetry collection, is now available to buy in paperback on Amazon, and e-book on the Kindle store!!! Available in all Amazon territories and on Kindle apps and devices!!!