Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.

This is also one of my earliest song memories. I was four and we (my mom, my dad, and my aunt Vinni) were driving along the motorway to the airport for my first holiday abroad, to Salou and Barcelona.I remember hearing this song in my head throughout the trip; my memories of it are beautifully… Continue reading Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.

Friday 25th Sept ’20- Diary.

Today, I am trying my best to have a duvet day. I emphasise "trying", as I can't adequately say how hard I find it to relax. Even if I seem calm, it's rare that I feel I truly am: there are always varying degrees of disquiet simmering beneath the skin, I so often feel that… Continue reading Friday 25th Sept ’20- Diary.

‘Diaspora Child’- Book Birthday!!!

'Diaspora Child', my first poetry collection, is now available to buy in paperback on Amazon, and e-book on the Kindle store!!! Available in all Amazon territories and on Kindle apps and devices!!!


It's Backstreet Boys month!! The 4th- the scent of rain on verdance breathing through the window; overcast, grey, abundant green, a fresh, cool, earthy breeze The 5th- new resolve, kindling, slow; the bitter-yellow taste of the lemon slice left saturating in my water; the intense, mouth-watering green chilli and garlic scent of the Heck green… Continue reading June


The 2nd- A calm, rainy morning, muted white-grey; enjoying this sensory moment snuggled under the duvet The quilted trees, strikingly contrasted against grey skies The visual tasting-plate of painted leaves and embroidered blossoms Buds blinking, turning infant leaves The 4th- True to nature, so far; April showers The delicious aroma of raw red onions, mushrooms… Continue reading April


The 1st- seeing at least five people- separate from each other, within a short space of time, in various directions on our road- carrying flower bunches Fat, gnarled croissants, like witchy winklepickers A fat croissant with Bonne Maman strawberry jam Rediscovering the P.U.L.S.E version of 'Wish You Were Here' The 2nd and 3rd- grey rainy… Continue reading March

Inaugural Flow: The Story Of My First Period

Saturday, the 5th of March, 2001. An eleven-year-old girl is staying at her mom's- well, her grandparents' (mother's parents)- house, where they have lived for a number of years since her parents split up, and later, divorced. I think it was four years in total- mom moved into her house, if I recall correctly, in… Continue reading Inaugural Flow: The Story Of My First Period


The 4th- night air, eight o'clock and post, still smelling cold, but with a scent of freshness, of something else; it smells like late-October, lightness and possibility, a definite lift of the heart The Seven Sisters, still and proud as ever, an anchor in the clear Winter sky The enchanting, dusty black-blue of blueberries The… Continue reading February


Breaking a two-and-a-bit-month period of seclusion (the 4th) Magic, bejewelled, slighty tart to the scent and taste blackcurrant jam Avian flightpaths- birds unidentified- as ordered, graceful, turbulent and chaotic as the sea The new Lush spa shop in town Small, candy-pink roses, petals as delicate as crafted from crepe paper The promise in January's light,… Continue reading January