‘Diaspora Child’- Book Birthday!!!

'Diaspora Child', my first poetry collection, is now available to buy in paperback on Amazon, and e-book on the Kindle store!!! Available in all Amazon territories and on Kindle apps and devices!!!

Dismembered: Exclusion And Colourism, Being British South Asian

Last Saturday morning, the 4th May, I had an encounter that disturbed me profoundly. The previous evening, I had seen a post from a page I follow, via an Instagram story, showing details of a new, inclusive, sex and body-positive page aimed at women of South Asian heritage. I felt really excited by this news-… Continue reading Dismembered: Exclusion And Colourism, Being British South Asian

A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

"Hello, my name is Ciona and I am a writer", I say in the manner of a support group introduction. It has been a while since I have posted anything on here that isn't poetry: there are a number of pieces I want to write and share, but I am taking my time with putting… Continue reading A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

Friday, 22nd of September, 2017. Conversations. 

Day of the Equinox, the first day of Autumn. Birmingham Library, ground floor café. A table by the window. 15:25-15:45. "To have one best friend. The concept- I can't do it." 'You'll always be my best friend, there is no question.' "She has shrunk in size, physically shrunk; become a waif of a person." (Broken,… Continue reading Friday, 22nd of September, 2017. Conversations. 

Britishness, Race And Identity: Let’s Talk

This is the face of a third-generation British Indian. This is MY face. My full name is Ciona Bhachu Nankervis. My forename was picked out of a magazine by my aunt in 1989, the origin of which still mystifies me, my now middle name is my maiden name, the only nominal indicator of my Punjabi… Continue reading Britishness, Race And Identity: Let’s Talk

Writer’s Peeve Of The Day

Stomach-turningly saccharine writing that rips off the styles of other authors, without leaving so much as a waft of its own message or voice. Peeve number two, people who make quite a comfortable life for themselves being copycats of any kind of art.