Some Thoughts On Contemporary Colour-Centric Discourse

I have a real problem with the word 'brown', and other colour-centric words where they pertain to skin. For some, they are exaltations of pride, affirmations of identity and fervent ownership of a feature that has been used to discriminate against them and others seen as similar, a reclaiming and redefining of something natural and… Continue reading Some Thoughts On Contemporary Colour-Centric Discourse


As I begin writing the review of this month, there are still three days left of it until its close for this year. It is 18:14 on a Saturday evening and I am sipping on a homemade hot chocolate, which consists of half a mini Crunchie bar and a clatter of milk chocolate drops into… Continue reading February

Ciona Speaks, #1.

I started this blog over a year ago with the intention of it being a place where I could share aspects of my life in forms that would otherwise not have an outlet outside of a diary, or a notebook, that would only ever be used for and seen by myself. The public exposure of… Continue reading Ciona Speaks, #1.