Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.

This is also one of my earliest song memories. I was four and we (my mom, my dad, and my aunt Vinni) were driving along the motorway to the airport for my first holiday abroad, to Salou and Barcelona.I remember hearing this song in my head throughout the trip; my memories of it are beautifully… Continue reading Of Course, I Remember: I Always Will.


It's Backstreet Boys month!! The 4th- the scent of rain on verdance breathing through the window; overcast, grey, abundant green, a fresh, cool, earthy breeze The 5th- new resolve, kindling, slow; the bitter-yellow taste of the lemon slice left saturating in my water; the intense, mouth-watering green chilli and garlic scent of the Heck green… Continue reading June

“Enfin, Le Printemps.”

In a blink: I closed my eyes to a world of grey and awoke, open to scenes flecked in green, Like a latent flood, slow-soaked and rising through moss, The colour returned. Negative film cells etched with fine-line nib Pinprick viridity, stippled along wooden seams; Sun-stroked tapestry unfurling before me, The renaissance The Spring. Written… Continue reading “Enfin, Le Printemps.”

Things I Love.

A non-exhaustive, incomprehensive lifetime list of my sensory world; I will continue to add to it. Pears; Vintage 1950s and 1960s holiday cards; Vintage Moon and star images; Sparkling water; Old American satin sports jackets (baseball, football, basketball, roller derby, cheerleading etc); Velvet clothing; Felt ornaments; Iona and Duckie in 'Pretty in Pink'- their characters… Continue reading Things I Love.

Friday, 22nd of September, 2017. Conversations. 

Day of the Equinox, the first day of Autumn. Birmingham Library, ground floor café. A table by the window. 15:25-15:45. "To have one best friend. The concept- I can't do it." 'You'll always be my best friend, there is no question.' "She has shrunk in size, physically shrunk; become a waif of a person." (Broken,… Continue reading Friday, 22nd of September, 2017. Conversations. 

To Show You All Of My Heart And Hold You In Mine: What It Means To Me To Be Human, And Alive.

Are we destined to not form strong connections with people? Forever offering ourselves up on an emotional platter, giving and wanting to give ourselves, heart and soul, to people, but not being taken in and enjoyed in all our flavour and glory? I am not thrilled by perpetual pursuit or chase, I want to be… Continue reading To Show You All Of My Heart And Hold You In Mine: What It Means To Me To Be Human, And Alive.