Friday 25th Sept ’20- Diary.

Today, I am trying my best to have a duvet day. I emphasise "trying", as I can't adequately say how hard I find it to relax. Even if I seem calm, it's rare that I feel I truly am: there are always varying degrees of disquiet simmering beneath the skin, I so often feel that… Continue reading Friday 25th Sept ’20- Diary.

Inaugural Flow: The Story Of My First Period

Saturday, the 5th of March, 2001. An eleven-year-old girl is staying at her mom's- well, her grandparents' (mother's parents)- house, where they have lived for a number of years since her parents split up, and later, divorced. I think it was four years in total- mom moved into her house, if I recall correctly, in… Continue reading Inaugural Flow: The Story Of My First Period

A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

"Hello, my name is Ciona and I am a writer", I say in the manner of a support group introduction. It has been a while since I have posted anything on here that isn't poetry: there are a number of pieces I want to write and share, but I am taking my time with putting… Continue reading A Creator’s Conundrum- ‘Previously Unpublished’.

Earth, Awakened (I)- Día

: I Am Water

When I cast my gaze down towards the growth marks on my legs, pearlescent cracks in my dust-rose-toned skin, I see satellite images of landscapes shaped by vast waterways, ambling on the tops of my thighs.  Pictures of parched and contoured earth sculpted by rivers, skeletal carvings of tributaries Are reflected in my body, the… Continue reading : I Am Water

Midnight Meditation

Outside the air smells alive, new greens and growths coming into being.  The Springtime breeze swirls warm after midnight, whispering as it mingles and hushes through leaves. You can hear the great rush advancing, whipping up the night air.  You stand in the doorway with palms facing out towards the darkness and allow the current… Continue reading Midnight Meditation


The inception of 2017 came to be a largely unsettled one. The month that is viewed by so many with such repeated apprehension and unease chuntered languidly along like a freight train, defining its seemingly perpetual presence, as it does every year. To me, this new year anxiety is always completely inane. It is thoroughly… Continue reading January

Welcome To 2017

The writing hiatus that came around during the latter part of 2016 seems to have ended, I think and, I sincerely hope with the greatest part of me. It was not an intended break. I spoke in a previous post about writings in other places that were not in view of the online world; although… Continue reading Welcome To 2017

Composed Upon A City Bus, 18:00-18:09. 

Tonight is the first time this Autumn that I have ventured out by myself after it has got dark. It is exactly six o'clock on Saturday the 19th of November 2016 and I am currently on the bus, a green twenty-two, on the way into town to meet baby. We have stalled, momentarily, at the… Continue reading Composed Upon A City Bus, 18:00-18:09.